Sunday, September 7, 2014

#625: One Direction concert

It's not like the Allman Brothers concert I went to in college.
Oh no, this was a once-in-a-lifetime event.

First of all, my teen has a summer job, with tips.
Lots of tips. so she could afford to help with expenses.
Tickets were $102. Which, if you know me, is ridiculous.
That's why she helped.

Plus, we live on an island
and have the additional expense of taking a boat or plane to America.
That's my beloved at Brant Point seeing us off.

And my youngest in bliss just to be at the venue, Gillette Stadium.

As were these matching girls.

and a few guys, dads?, wearing sunglasses.

We drove a rental car. Most folk drove their own 
(it doesn't cost them hundreds of extra dollars to bring it over on a ferry)
Properly decorated and equipped with a grill and picnic fixings.
There was a lot of off-key singing and sign-painting.

'Sorry, Niall, my dad says I'm too young to date.'

Where We Are Tour, homemade t-shirts.
So much creativity!

Here come the fans, 68 thousand altogether,
across Route 1 from the parking lot.
The police and volunteers were highly organized.

Heading in. She ran all the way up the wrong ramp
and was so excited she didn't even mind.
Her cousin, Emily, was stuck in traffic and didn't get to the stadium
for another half-hour but the warm-up band was still playing.
She texted us when she found her seat.

How did we know when One Direction came on?
The roar. I didn't even know girls could make that noise.
I sat with Emily's mom here, outside the park.
We could hear just fine.

The band comes onstage at 2:12.
You'll be able to tell.

It was worship, pure and simple.
Every girl there was 100% in the moment:
singing along, screaming, dancing, waving their iPhone.
Nothing else mattered, just the band.

It's one of the things that I love about teens:
their absolute capacity for devotion.
When a teen goes after what they want,
they do so whole-heartedly.
I pray my own--all six--would love Jesus
the way these kids love One Direction.
That's where the forever joy lies.

We went out for ice cream after the concert,
letting the traffic clear a bit.

We got to bed around 3 am (I got lost) then
back to Nantucket the next morning
after a potentially hellacious 4 hour stuck-in-traffic
car ride back to Hyannis.
Only potentially because of the 2 sweet girls
riding with me,
singing One Direction songs.
The music never ends.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

#624: Summer sweetness

 A long, long time ago, last June,
I spent hours pinching off peaches.
Each branch of our peach trees had 20 or so tiny peaches.
Each branch can fully grow only one, maybe 2.
So off came the extras. 
And the effort paid off.

Even in the high branches.
 A pinching off of excess 'stuff' and activities
in the rest of my life may well prove equally fruitful.

Summer sweetness.

More sweetness: from our hive.

The bees have filled the frames.

All that excess comb on top!
Sweetness guarded by stings, a bee suit helps.

One more harvest: wineberries.
These are an invasive raspberry relative from Asia.
We love them.
As does one cheeky catbird who swoops in even 
when we're picking.

The beginning of winter stores.
Saving summer sweet to get through bitter winter.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

#623: Hats off to Hooligans Art Show

                                   Nantucket and art go together like peanut butter and jelly.
The Collective Shenanigans show at Pumpkin Pond Farm
is my favorite of the summer.
The spark of creativity that God gives each of his creatures
blasts out in every direction at this show.
From traditional beach scenes

and seascapes

to resin blocks

with tiny bits of plants in them.
The lightbox underneath highlights the flora.
No one passed this piece without playing-
rearranging blocks into different patterns.
It was rather addictive...

Man in Jerusalem by Nancy Jakubik,
look closer

He's fabric!

Tropical blues.

To floral pinks.
And a tapestry-hung room in the back showing animation videos.

This weaving's untitled but it says 'Autumn Rest' to me.

Sustenance provided by Roamin' Pizzeria
from their wood-fired oven.
Tonight, 6-midnight, is closing night, featuring fire dances at 10.
Not to be missed.
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