Wednesday, October 19, 2011

#256: Gobs of Grapes

Sorry, couldn't resist the alliteration.
Nantucket is having a most excellent grape season.
The grapes in the front are peeled.
We've been picking for over a month.
Mostly fox grapes, which we make into three things:
Cook, then drip through cheesecloth for (1)juice,
this gets frozen by the pint.

Which leaves seeds and pulp.
Pulp is pressed through, leaving seeds behind.
Skins, previously removed (what a fun job)
are re-added to pulp to make (2)jam.
Leaving seeds alone, aka (3)chicken food.

When I was out picking grapes,
 a young man stopped and asked why I bothered.
Why didn't I just buy Welch's at the store?
Do you have an answer for that?
This is mine:
Food isn't just for physical nourishment.
The thrill of finding,
the joy of abundant gathering,
the luscious smell of boiling down,
the fellowship of canning,
the beauty of jars lined up:
Each step is soul satisfying, 
a part of the stewardship God intended 
for His people before the Fall. 
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