Thursday, November 17, 2011

#279: Hall of the whale

Newsweek recently published its annual list of 
America's top 500 high schools.
Nantucket High School is not on it.
With just over 400 students we'll never be able to
offer all the AP courses needed to make the list.
We do, however, have something those top 500 schools
are all missing:
Look closer:

Can you tell?

 It's a whale skeleton.

Yes, our scholars walk daily under a grinning
reminder of the gruesome, dangerous
lives their ancestors lived.
Our own son, Tobias, is named after
the first of the Nantucket Gliddens,
lost at sea on a whaling voyage.

So study hard, young Whalers,
your lives are a breeze compared to what went before.
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