Friday, December 9, 2011

#292: Scallop Shell Ornaments

The day after Thanksgiving, 
Christmas trees go up all over town.
In front of the Pacific National Bank
(named not for its location, but 
for the source of its founders' riches). 

All up and down Main Street
(No, the officer is not ticketing the Town Crier,
it just looks like it)

And in front of our very own 
Glidden's Island Seafood.

Lovingly decorated for the birds by your truly.
Actually, my kids made the 50 scallops shells
filled with peanut butter and bird seed.
The twine is hot-glued on and the styrofoam balls
are from the Take it or Leave It.

The trees in town are decorated by various 
school, scout and civic groups.
I love living in a town that decorates
for Christmas.
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