Friday, December 16, 2011

#298: Nantucket Atheneum

Atheneum: an institute for the promotion of learning
That's what Nantucket's got.
Impressive, huh?
The Atheneum is the heart of downtown.
As homeschoolers, my kids practically
 grew up here. 
There are not only over 44000 books
but also DVDs (no video store on island,
just the Redbox), guest speakers,
and Homeschool support group.
We have been known to follow some rather obscure
rabbit trails seeking knowledge,
our librarians always knew how to find what we needed.

Our biggest thrill was the day we went over the 50 book
limit on our card and the librarian overrode it.
Thanks, Atheneum, you are a treasure
well worth our support.
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