Monday, December 26, 2011

#306: Christmas Eve Red Ticket Drawing

What were you doing Christmas Eve?
If you were on Nantucket you may have been 
in this crowd:
 Looking down Main Street...

Looking up Main Street...
Every year the Chamber of Commerce has a 
Red Ticket Drawing.
You get a Red Ticket any time you spend $25
at a participating store.
I got 19 tickets this year as both On Island Gas and
the Grand Union were giving out tickets.
I'm neither a big shopper nor a big fan of this event.
Every year I whine about how it focuses on
the wrong god.
This year I took all my tickets and:
Paper-clipped one each to a gospel of John
(John was one of Jesus' friends
 who wrote a biography about Him)
I gave them away before the drawing.

Patty Rottmeier, Honorary Mayor Of Nantucket,
draws the winning $5000 ticket.
None of my tickets won
 (I had copied down the numbers so I'd know).
 It may be that someone who took one of my tickets
 will meet the King born this day.
There's the real treasure.
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