Sunday, July 31, 2011

#186: Summer Supper-Ethiopian style

First you get some Teff seed from Annye's Wholefoods,
add water, soak two days and make flatbread(injera).
Then you get some veggies from the garden:
Lots. Boil some eggs.
Chop, chop,chop and:

Saturday, July 30, 2011

#185: Life Cycle of the Squash Bug

It's been three weeks since I posted on these critters.
 I now have an entire life-cycle to show you:
Adult that over-wintered. 
Cue 'Jaws' theme.

 You can find these mating pairs under bottom leaves.
Let's just say they died happy.

 Eggs are laid in V of leaf. At first, pale. 

Then darker. Garden caviar.

Hatchling in a week. Nymphs are grayish.

Five molts to adulthood.

 Last year there were no pumpkins. The bugs got them all.
This year, due to daily diligence,
we're harvesting zukes, cukes, 
yellow and patty pan squash.
Hopefully, pumpkins too, in the fall.

Friday, July 29, 2011

#184: Husbands

I am married to the dearest man on Earth. 
Really, for some reason he adores me. 
Sometimes, he even tries to help out around the house:
Really, honey? Dawn dishwashing liquid?
Instead of dishwasher detergent?
Might this be a nefarious plan to get out of doing dishes?

Thursday, July 28, 2011

#183: Bird Sanctuary, People Sanctuary

Across from Bathing Beach Road there's a tiny path:
Which leads to the Nantucket Conservation Association's
 Bird Sanctuary
This was a favorite spot when our kids were little for
picnics and pollywog hunts.
Do you see any?
I went here yesterday just for the solitude:
Come, sit and rest a bit.
Look closely. See God at work.
And play.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

#182: The Early Boat

Here's the 6:30 am Steamship Authority slow boat:
Can you see it just pulling out on the far left?
I got up at 5:30 this morning 
to give one of my kids a ride down to the wharf.
Here's the deal on Nantucket:
When you travel by boat or plane
 you have to be met or dropped off by family or friends.
Otherwise, you will feel unloved.
Sorry, cab companies, that's just the way it is.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

#181: Summer Street Church Roof

The scaffolding is off the tower and it looks shiny:

Would you like to see how it looks inside?
Yeah, it's a bell tower.
 Sadly, we can't ring the bell as its holding straps are rusty
and it might fall,
making a big mess of the tower.
The good news is the roof:
This is what it was like in June--
15 to 30 gallons of water in the buckets every rainstorm.

Half re-shingled and covered with Grace Tri-flex.
How appropriate for the Lord's house to be
roofed in grace.

I did my happy dance after the last rainstorm
when I checked  the buckets
and they were all dry.

Monday, July 25, 2011

#180: Sermon Haiku #8- Matthew 4

A voice from heaven
This is my Son, whom I love
The Spirit alights

Through bone-dry wadis
Jesus, led by the Spirit
Fasted forty days

"It's God's gift so go for it"
Don't fall for the lie

Satan says, "Make bread."
Jesus answers, "It is written"
Score one for Jesus.

Attention grabber
Look at me! Temple jumper!
Angels will catch You.

Everyone will see
Instant glory, just not God's
"Do not test the LORD"

That's two for Jesus
Satan tried, "All the kingdoms"
Fall down, worship me

"No way, evil one,
It is written, Worship God"
Get away from Me.

Jesus' path was clear
Holding tight to His Father
Solid in the Word.

Be willing to wait
A rested, poised harpooner
Set for the battle.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

#179: Nantucket Triathlon

Today was Triathlon Day.
David's been in training for this since the Ironman.
I did Hero Support (directing racers, cheering,
squirting folks with a hose).
The race started at Jetties Beach, 
I was stationed on Cliff and Center.
First, you have to close the roads:
Making grumpy vacationers even grumpier.

 Something Natural parking lot. Empty.
On a Saturday. In July.

The elite riders were just a blur.

A thunderstorm blew through at 2 o'clock.
I put away the hose. 
Lots of lightning--scary for the bikers.

Here comes my Hero! 
Grinning after high-fiving those 3 girls in pink.

A happy fast blur. He finished in 1:44:21.
Way to go, David!
The off-island racers got to go to after race parties.
David went back to the fish market to work. 

#178: Plague of Flies

If you ever wondered what the Biblical 
plague of flies was like, 
hang out next to a euonymous bush in blossom:
 Don't trim it or you won't get the full effect.

Leaning the fishing poles and clam rake against it helps too.

There they are--a busy, buzzing mass.

So that's what God made flies for.
Standing next to this bush I can understand Pharoah's capitulation. 
Where's Moses when you need him?

Friday, July 22, 2011

#177: Harry Potter on Nantucket

No, we didn't see the first midnight show. 
We went four days later and waited in line to buy our tickets an hour ahead:
Although there were only ten or so people in line,
we didn't get in. 
So, we came back earlier the next night.
Nantucket's Starlight Theater seats only 90 people. 
If you have dinner there before the show,
you get guaranteed tickets.
Not only tickets but you get to save your seat:
With your jacket.

As the tickets are already $10 apiece,
I'm too thrifty to spring for dinner.
The food at the Starlight is really good,
perfect for a dinner date, just not Harry Potter.
Anyway, we went back the next night earlier and got in.
Totally worth the wait.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

#176: Nantucket Garden Tour

Last year around this time the Nantucket Lighthouse School,
 just up the street from us, did a Garden Festival. 
As part of the festival they do tours of island gardens.
 Without considering that we aren't exactly
 the Garden Tour type, 
we volunteered to be on the tour this year. 
What were we thinking?
 David and I spent thirteen hours,
 collectively, weeding just two of the garden beds yesterday. 
Three other kids and I will spend all day today 
in the garden and henhouse.
 Yikes. Even my youngest is helping
 by taking care of the kitchen and meals. 
Thanks, kids!

Sadly, the young chickens have taken to roosting on the patio.
Looks cute I know but they leave, um, fertilizer everywhere.
Fortunately, the Grandpa Ott morning glories are singing:
Amidst the amaranth, which we no longer consider a weed, but 
the Tour Folk sure will...

Hopefully, my son, who sleeps under his birth tree 
(the one we planted the placenta under when he was born) in the yard, 
will wake up before the tour.
Bit of a shock to the Tour Ladies, ya think?                 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

#175: Midsummer Harvest

Harvesting God's bounty is the fun part of gardening. 
We shelled a whole basket of marrow peas and got:

Not counting the ones we ate while shelling.
David was busy harvesting, then shucking his harvest:

It's easy to live off the land in July.
Add some garden garlic and parsley and you've got:

Linguini and clam sauce with peas for supper.
And the kids were busy picking blueberries so:
Blueberry cobbler for dessert. Made by our 15 yr old son.
Perfect ending.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

#174: Garden Flora and Fauna

Because we don't use pesticides there are quite a few bugs in our garden. 
We love sharing it with them:
Antennae as long as her body.

 Appropriately named bee balm.

Not an itsy-bitsy spider.

Gardening slows me down and makes me pay attention.
I can see God's hand at work here
and even, in a small way,
be a part of it.
He is the Creator, and me?
I just look on in wonder.

Monday, July 18, 2011

#173: Sermon Haiku #7-Luke 2

Simeon. Anna.
Showing us how to grow old.
Living life in hope.
With no bags to pack
And God firmly in the center
Simeon can go.
Finding contentment
Sensitive to the Spirit
Dwelling in the Word.
Anna's devotion
Faithful in prayer and fasting
Undaunted by age.
Don't let gifts dwindle
What's really important shines
When He's all you have.
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