Monday, October 31, 2011

#264: Sermon Haiku 18: Ephesians 6

Halloween is here.
What's so good about evil?
Totally nothing.

Spiritual warfare
Devil seeking to destroy
Full armor needed.

Be prepared to fight
Bright breastplate of righteousness
repels the devil's darts.

No-one can resist
The devil's accusation
Without their truth belt.

What kind of fighter
Runs into battle barefoot?
Gospel of peace shoes.
Good vs. Evil
'One little word shall fell him'
Fight darkness with light.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

#263: Things hidden

Nearly half of Nantucket is under some sort of conservation.
As in, can't be built on, ever.
This makes for lots of secret, wild places:
 In Quidnet

And Sconset

Nantucket is an explorer's dream.
My favorite?
The dwarf caves
  mermaid pools
 in the maples of Squam  Swamp.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

#262: Signs

Bow hunting season has begun.
There are warning signs:
Conservation Association properties say:
Hunting is permitted...for your safety please
wear bright colored outerwear.
 I was wearing purple
but I sang as I rode my bike over the moors,
just in case.

More my kind of hunt.
I resisted the temptation, this time.

Do Nantucket's police have time to patrol
Land Bank properties? 
After dark?

I made this one:
From Lily's painting.
The sign is for the Consignment Shop,
which has customers from all over the world.

A small spot with a wide reach,
a bit like my wee blog. 
Thanks for visiting.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

#261: Nantucket Fall Color

Technically, we're in New England.
Just not the glorious Sugar Maple color New England.
Nantucket is more like:
Lots of scrub oak and bayberry.

The pout ponds are serenely pretty:
Bordered by winterberry.

The bike paths too:
Orange and yellow bittersweet,
 invasive and lovely.

Red Sumac adds some color,
with ruby jeweled seeds.

There's always pumpkins:
Little chibi head.
Soon to shine then to be made into a pie.
We all have our place in the Master Plan.

Monday, October 24, 2011

#260: Sargasso Seaweed

Wandering along the beach after a storm,
inspecting the wrack line, is a family past-time.
One expects to find:
 Herring gulls,

Scallop shells, eel grass,
not this:
 Sargassum, a brown algae which grows hundreds of miles away,
in the Sargasso Sea:
Lacey yet tough, to travel intact, all this way.

Makes me wonder about all the plastic we toss out.
How much of it ends up there?
Sir David Attenborough is a favorite naturalist
of our household. 
His sense of wonder in his 'Trials of Life' videos
exactly captured how we see God's creation.
Here's a short video he did on plastics and the oceans.
Something to think about.

A wee tad off-topic, but I wanted to share the thrill:
this little blog has now topped 10,000 hits.
Thanks for reading,
I couldn't have done it without you.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

#259: Opportunity-A Murder of Crows

This is the weekend of Nantucket's first Birding Festival
I'm not a part of the birder community on the island
as their primary walks occur Sunday morning.
I do at least recognize crows:
I was on a rantum scoot with a friend 
around the middle moors when,
suddenly, there was a cacaphony of cawing,
a few birds...

 Then, a murder of crows:
I'd never seen so many in one place.
When you get outside,
you catch opportunities to be thrilled and amazed.
There's so much to see-and hear-in God's glorious creation.
Such as this beauty, at Long Pond.
Does anyone know what he is?
Martie informs me it's a cormorant. See his blog here.
Thanks, Martie.

Friday, October 21, 2011

#258: Missing Haikus

It's a long story.
Two weeks ago, just as the sermon was about to start,
I was looking at the Communion table going,
'Huh, where's the cloth?'
Then I realized it was on my ironing board at home.
Yes, I had brought it home after the little kids
spilled grape juice on it. All clean and white
and the iron was ON.
I ran downstairs and tried to call home
but our phone was OFF.
So:  drove home, turned off the iron,
drove back, missed half the sermon.
Becky took excellent notes but I lost them.
So for this week,
a sermon, not Pastor Rich's, Haiku:
Sun shines through the clouds
This morning's harvest is peace
Stand still, hear His voice.

#257: Transportation Trials

Every Islander has a story.
The last second dash to the boat.
Missing the boat and catching the last plane home.

Geting stuck in Hyannis and staying
 at the Heritage House--Islander Rate.

So much simpler for the milkweed:
Wherever it lands, is home.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

#256: Gobs of Grapes

Sorry, couldn't resist the alliteration.
Nantucket is having a most excellent grape season.
The grapes in the front are peeled.
We've been picking for over a month.
Mostly fox grapes, which we make into three things:
Cook, then drip through cheesecloth for (1)juice,
this gets frozen by the pint.

Which leaves seeds and pulp.
Pulp is pressed through, leaving seeds behind.
Skins, previously removed (what a fun job)
are re-added to pulp to make (2)jam.
Leaving seeds alone, aka (3)chicken food.

When I was out picking grapes,
 a young man stopped and asked why I bothered.
Why didn't I just buy Welch's at the store?
Do you have an answer for that?
This is mine:
Food isn't just for physical nourishment.
The thrill of finding,
the joy of abundant gathering,
the luscious smell of boiling down,
the fellowship of canning,
the beauty of jars lined up:
Each step is soul satisfying, 
a part of the stewardship God intended 
for His people before the Fall. 

Monday, October 17, 2011

#255: Something Natural

One of the advantages of being here
only in the summer is you can hold
on to the fantasy that the island stays the same
until you return.
Not so.
Sadly, every year, Something Natural closes.
The leaves are thinning.

Still, a quiet place to think.

Last day shortages...

Enough to feed our crew.
Love that Portuguese bread.

Waiting for scraps.
It's going to be a long wait...

Sunday, October 16, 2011

#254: Nantucket Inquirer and Mirror

The Inky Mirror celebrated its 190th 
anniversary this week.
How they managed that,  I don't know.
Here's an ad from this week's paper:
I love LoLa's sushi but this ad made me cringe.
Misplaced apostrophes are like nails on a chalkboard
to a home-schooler.
Please, Inky, switch those two words to give Sunday
 the possessive apostrophe for Sushi or lose it.
Thank you.
At least they spelled receive correctly.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

#253: Possibilities

Here's a huge basket of possibility:
Neckties. I have hundreds of them.
Aren't they gorgeous?

And if these don't inspire me there's always:

Hmmm. Weave a seat?

Or a chair back?
Or sew up some headbands, or flower pins from the tips,
or iPhone cases from the fat ends.
So many possibilities, so little time.

Winters on-island can be long and grey,
perfect for projects...

Friday, October 14, 2011

#252: How to shuck Nantucket Bay Scallops

Start with the smooth side down, 
slip the knife between the shells near the hinge:

Slide the blade all the way around:

Pull out the guts:

Feed them to your cat:

Cut the muscle loose:

 And enjoy!

If you need an actual recipe, go to post #245.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

#254: Push Rake Scalloping

 David took me scalloping with him this morning,
at the spot where he got a full bushel last week.

 Waders first.

 There were a couple of guys diving for scallops.
Note the weights and flag.

 Pushing along a bumpy bottom is hard work.

 The milk crate is ready for the harvest.

 Where are they?

 Total catch after an hour:

 But there were so many here last week...

 Heading home.
Try again another day.
We tell the kids:
'Before anything is easy, it's hard.'
Nantucket Bay scallops are worth the effort.
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