Thursday, January 5, 2012

#315: Nantucket Ecosystems

Non-native plants need protection
from winter's storms:
Burlap wrapped 'privacy screen'

Opposite these, and closer to the beach,
an entire ecosystem thrives:

Bordered by scrub pines, looking closer:

beachgrass, with an extensive root system
 which holds the sand, and

lichens, which feed off the very salt spray and 
blazing sun that kills plants not suited to the dune ecosystem.

Scrub pine and beachgrass and lichens aren't tough--
walking on this patch would kill it in one season.
What they are is, in the place God meant them to be.
That's where they thrive.
So, if I'm not thriving, 
is my heart in the place where God means it to be?
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