Wednesday, January 25, 2012

#327: Apple Magsafe Power Adapter

Hey, did you miss me?
I certainly missed writing.
Here's the culprit(s):
Yes, I too was a victim of the Apple T-shaped
power connector fiasco.
How did Apple, maker of my my top-notch laptop
ship it with such a shoddy cord?

I must admit the one cord may have been
chewed by Chiniculla...

Otherwise, the problem was wires pulling out at the T.
When I couldn't cobble together a workable cord, 
or borrow one from my kid (went back to college...)
I went to eBay and ordered a refurbished adaptor from
Wegener Media via eBay.

Problem solved.

Here's a Nantucket naiad house, on Monomoy Beach:
Had lots of time to wander with no laptop.
Thanks for visiting,
I'm thrilled to be back.
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