Friday, February 24, 2012

#351: Cleaning the Basement

You know it's February when I clean the basement.
It can be an adventure,
a treasure hunt, as it were.

Old bottles my father-in-law found when
he dug out his basement on N. Liberty Street.

His tool box.
There used to be a shoe repair shop in the sideyard
of my in-laws' house.

A piece to our oven.
We have a super-lemon GE Profile gas stove.
I will never again buy a GE appliance.
This little guy has been replaced at least a half dozen times.
Isn't it cute how he's smiling
 as I write another repair check?

The remnants of my mother-in-law's 
salt-and-pepper shaker collection.
Don't you just love the crusty old salt?

From Nantucket.

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