Friday, March 2, 2012

#357: Feather distortion

This is Flashdrive.
She is a White Cochin.
Despite the feathers on her feet,
she is a pretty normal looking chicken.

 This is Luna.
She is a Silver Polish chicken.
Skinny, blue legs, bouffant crest.

This is  Tweedledee.
She is a White-crested Black Polish chicken.
Her feathers glow blue-green in the sun.

The powder-puff feathers on the heads of Polish hens
are a delicious distortion.
God made chickens.
Then God made man to delight in His creation,
and play with it.
The genes for this frivolity were present from creation;
the man who first bred this variation must have laughed,
then worshipped the Creator who built in such a thing.
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