Tuesday, March 13, 2012

#363: Nantucket Whirligigs

My eighth-grader has to
do a project for the book
'Whirligig' by Paul Fleishman.
so, devoted mom that I am, we drove all over the island
looking for whirligigs:
Where you blood pressure drops just walking in.
Wood carvers are quintessentially relaxed.
Paul McCarthy took time to show my daughter
a magic trick:
Then gave her the wood piece
 so she could show her friends.

One friend's whirligig.
Cool how the hoses seem to squirt when it spins. 

Whaling Museum.
Albert Ottison made dozens of these.

 We wandered in Sconset but there were none.
This bird is on Hooper Farm Road.
 Sharing a fence with this fisherman,
And airplane.
Apparently a homeowner who longs to fly away.

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