Wednesday, March 14, 2012

#364: 3rd Annual Nantucket History Quiz Bowl

Yes folks, we have spelling bees 
and quiz bowls in the winter. 
You are so missing out on all the fun.
Question one,
who is the guy on the left?
Yes! That's my husband.
He studied all week.

Question two,
where was it held?
 In the Whaling Museum.  Due to the
large crowd, I was standing in the balcony.

 Under the Sperm Whale skeleton.
You can just see Nathaniel Philbrick at the podium,
asking the questions.

 Cheering led by Groucho Stacey.

Our properly bewigged judges, conferring.
OK, Actual questions:
1. What grocery store was on Pleasant Street before the Stop and Rob Shop?
2. During the American Revolution, who ran a smuggling operation out of her home in Quaise?
3. What is a jagging wheel?
4. What is the new name for the NRTA seasonal bus service?
5. What character from 'Moby Dick' says: 'A whaleship was my Yale and my Harvard'?

1. Finast
2. Keziah Coffin
3. Pie crust crimper
4. The Wave
5. Ishmael

The Salt Martians won with the answer to this question:
Who was known as the hermit of Quidnet?  Fred Parker

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