Thursday, March 22, 2012

#369: Through the Fog

Have you been to the Fog Island Cafe?
 Their southwestern cobb salad is amazing.
It's named after this fog island, aka Nantucket.
Here's a walk on Surfside Beach this morning:
 From the parking lot, through the fog...

 Past the snow fencing, through the fog...

 Can you see the water yet?

Sandblasted 'No beach driving' signs

 At the water's edge,
The air is saturated with fog,
it smells like the sea...
 Turn around, the path is barely visible.

 Only bunny tracks

 And offers of a tow

 The lichens love fog,
 as do the pines.
But not sunworshippers.
There's not a single car in the parking lot.
Wandering through the fog is a year-rounder pleasure. 
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