Wednesday, April 4, 2012

#373: Birthday cake

You know how in April
 you have federal and state taxes to pay,
 then your local real estate tax bills show up, 
which value your property at over a million dollars 
even though the upstairs shower doesn't work,
then the insurance bills on the house and car appear,
 then all the regular bills, then everyone you know is
going somewhere fun for spring break but you can't
and it's your birthday but your oven is broken and
you only have a broiler?

 Broiler cake.

 Made and decorated by my darling daughter

Who also made delicate origami butterfly earrings,
 the pair in the middle were for me.

Eat your heart out vacationers-in-the-Carribean,
life on this island, even when all the bills come due at once,
is good. 
Because the people I love,
love me back.

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