Saturday, April 28, 2012

#383: Daffodil Weekend on Nantucket

This is it,
the weekend that ushers in the summer.
The celebration of joyous daffodil blossoms.
Only there aren't any.
The thousands of bulbs on the Milestone Road
blossomed weeks ago.
Oh, there are a few left but not many.
The lack of actual daffodils doesn't stop the party:

 Mother/daughter bikes outside the Stop and Shop.

Glidden's Island Seafood lobster and oysters...

 Billy Sherry provided an I-beam daffodil at the roundabout.

The Nantucket Arts Council invited various island groups 
to make their own daffodils.
This one is by the Boys' and Girls' club

This one by Wee Whalers pre-school

Tissue paper makes lovely Narcissus. 

A carnival of creative color.
Happy Daffy Day.
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