Friday, May 11, 2012

#388: No till vs. Yes till gardening

While I was laying around taking
pictures of cherry blossoms, our neighbor
was tilling the garden:
(There's no reason for more than one person in a 
neighborhood to own a tiller.)
Our neighbor is one of the best things about living
where we do. 
Always good for a chat or a helping hand.

More than a hand:
He did three beds!

Here you can see how carried away our winter rye got.
I'll have to chop and dig all this in myself as
it's a raised bed for the sweet potatoes.

My son is trying a no-till experiment 
in his garden:

The left side will be gardened conventionally,
the right, no till.
I'll post pictures when it goes in.
and keep tabs of what each side produces.
Let the contest begin!
And thanks, neighbor, 
for being so neighborly.
There'll be some fresh eggs and seafood
coming your way soon...
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