Thursday, May 24, 2012

#393: Something Natural is Open.

When the kids were little and the fish market
was on Steamboat Wharf,
we'd meet David for lunch at Something Natural.
The market's on Pleasant Street now
 and the kids are half-grown
 but it's still our favorite sit-down lunch spot.
 First, find the best table.
This is easy to do in May before the crowds arrive.
We had the place to ourselves.

 How cute an outhouse is that?
No more begging to use the bathroom
behind the counter.

The crabapple tree in bloom,
Our go-to shade tree in August.

Other trees are for climbing. 

 We have pictures of our kids in these trees,
from toddler to teen.

 Cooling your feet in the soon-to-be-wave-of-color
off the bow of the boat.

A yummy lunch,
--for me a veggie with provolone
and avocado on oatmeal bread with a Matt Fee Tea--
then a bike ride home.
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