Tuesday, June 5, 2012

#398: Nantucket Blue

All shades and tints of blue are gorgeous.
I mean it, there is no blue that I don't love.

 Bachelor's Buttons in the spring, 
Delphiniums in the summer,
Grandpa Ott morning glories in the fall, 
there's always a touch of blue in the garden.

 Cobalt blue plant pots, one inside for the asparagus fern,

One outside to greet guests,
with a blue glass ball and marigolds to glow
against the blue.

Did I mention that David painted the back door blue?

A yard sale find for my baby fig tree.

A Take-it-or-Leave-it find, I think it needs some 
trailing 'Laguna' lobelia to do it justice. 

 Our cats eat from blue dishes

Our garden flowers decorate the house in blue vases

Our blue teapot is ready to serve,
  either at breakfast or after supper. 

And when David replaced his truck for the fish market,
he had it painted...
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