Tuesday, June 19, 2012

#402: Moors End Farm, help

In any garden there is the inevitable fail.
the chickens get into the corn,
someone forgets to reapply the diatomaceous earth
after watering,
the cats dig up the herb bed.
Fortunately, Moors End Farm has replacements.

Of just about everything:
First of all, whatever the deer ate.
With over 2000 sq feet of garden,
they're bound to get at something.
This year it was the Jerusalem Artichokes.

They also have sunflowers and basil to replace those
the earwigs chewed.

And impatiens, also a favorite of earwigs.

And every color of viola for the 
Glidden's Island Seafood porch.

Peeking in the greenhouse,
I don't dare go in,
we have enough for this trip.
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