Friday, June 22, 2012

#403: Gone Fishin'

This is embarrassing to admit but
I have never learned to fish in the surf.
Why learn to fish when I'm married to a fishmonger?
Whenever David went fishing with the kids I'd just
go along and take pictures.
Not this time,
my summer begins with a fishing lesson.

First, David puts the squid on the hook.
If you ever come to our house,
you will find squid in the freezer,
ready to be bait.

Note how close the sun is to the horizon.
Apparently fisherfolk are early risers.
That's fine by me as I'm naturally perky 
in the morning.
This is a trial to my children.

Now for casting and waiting.
There are no pictures of me casting as David 
needed to keep an eye out for my hook.

Then more waiting. And more waiting.
Some talking and taking of 
artsy pictures.

I love the sparkle of receding waves.

Wait! Dave's got something!

Reeling in.

Unhooking the hook.

It's a 24" Striped bass. 
Isn't she beautiful?

Hold her in the wash before releasing,
then let her go.
Swim away fish,
and thanks for letting us admire you.

I caught one more picture,
Sankaty Light,
before heading home.
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