Saturday, June 23, 2012

#404: Baby Bear's Chair

Creativity is a group effort.
First, there was the silkworm.
Then the fabric designer.
Then the woman at the loom.

Then the necktie maker, handstitching on the bias.

Then the businessman's kids,
selecting just the right one for Father's Day.

Then the businessman's wife,
sneaking his old clothes out of the house,
because he never gets rid of anything.

Then the Take-it-or-Leave-it pile at the dump,
where my spy spots it and saves it out for me.

Then I weave it into one of my chairs.
See the little whale?
There's always a bit of Nantucket in the weave.

I don't know who made the chair frame.
I bought it at the Consignment Shop then replaced
the worn-out Shaker tape.

The creative effort of many silkworms, 
dozens of folk, one tree,
and Jesus, through whom all things were created.
  What a joy to be part of the process.
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