Thursday, July 5, 2012

#407: Salmon Burgers

 You don't have to marry a fishmonger
to enjoy salmon burgers,
tho' I did.

Start with two salmon filets:
one Sockeye, one Atlantic. Slice into strips.
Add to breadcrumbs, chopped onions, peppers, parsley, 
an egg, the sauces above, salt, pepper.

Patties ready to grill. 
Scrub your grill. Really well.
Red hot coals.
Oil the patties lightly with the olive oil so they won't stick.
 Don't let them touch the cowburgers.
 Flip when the bottom side gets grill lines.
After 8 minutes, cut into one to see if they're done.
This is the momburger.
For some reason, moms always serve themselves
this one.

For side dishes, gather veggies from the garden

 Yellow squash, broccoli.
Whatever's ready.
These can be boiled (spuds)  and stir-fried (greens)
in the kitchen.
Put a sprig of mint in the water jug.

Add lettuce, tomato slices and Something Natural rolls.
Give thanks to God for his abundant provision,
and feast.
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