Friday, July 20, 2012

#410: Resurrected Lobster

This is Brutus:
He's a 12 pound, 80 or so year old lobster.
Glidden's Island Seafood donated him to the
Maria Mitchell Aquarium three years ago.
Glidden's got him from the Ruthie B.

 Brutus was found dead in his tank earlier this summer.
The aquarium staff put him out on the grass,
planning on a bit of taxidermy (is it even called taxidermy when it's a crustacean?)
to preserve his shell.
Two of the summer interns went out to pay their respects
the next morning and found...
his mouth parts were moving.
He was still alive after 24 hours out of the water!
They rushed him back to his corner tank,
where he reigns again, happily munching on crabs.

Way to go, Brutus.
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