Wednesday, July 25, 2012

#414: Threshing Grain

Usually we turn the winter rye
into the garden as a green fertilizer.
This year we let a patch grow to harvest.
Farmer Tobias

The harvest, one generous bushel.

As the 'farmer' didn't line up the heads,
I cut them off to thresh them,
in my handy-dandy new invention:

The oscillating floor fan.

 Fill with rye heads.

Put guard back on and cover.
See? The grain falls out the bottom.
Only it doesn't work.
The blade won't spin with all that stuff in there.

Plan B:
Cut a hole in the screen with wire cutters.

 Feed the heads into the blades.

Head full of seed.

Four seconds later--no seed.

Little Red Hen,
I'll help thresh the wheat.

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