Friday, July 13, 2012

#408: Brant Point Fishermen

First, you take one adorable grandchild.
Get up at his normal rising time
(the crack of dawn),
grab the rods, bait, and bucket. 
And catch some scup at Brant Point.
That takes care of supper.
But what about breakfast?

A quick stop at the Downyflake for donuts.
All set.

Sometime in the afternoon,
go out in the garden and pick peas, swiss chard,
squash, broccoli seed pods...
whatever looks interesting.
Add to garlic and olive oil,
stir fry.
To prepare scup:
Let Grandpa scale, gut, fillet your fish.
Bury the heads in the garden for fertilizer.

Dip fillets in milk, then cornmeal.
Deep fry.

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