Tuesday, August 7, 2012

#419: Chanticleer vs. homecooking

Behind this nightmare-inducing horse,
is our go-to restaurant for the
Big Occasion,
the Chanticleer.

This is their idea of an hors-d'oevre:
Fisher Beer Battered Cod Beignet
with Roasted Red Pepper Aioli and Chervil.

This is mine: 
celery with cream cheese.

Here's their idea of dinner:
Grilled Scottish Salmon with
Basil-Macadamia Pesto,
Asparagus Risotto and Clementine Hollandaise.

Here's mine:
'Oh my gosh, is it 7:30 already?
Your dad's gonna be home any minute.
Is there anything in the garden we could make?
How about eggs in the henhouse?
Hmmm, potatoes, zucchini, eggs...
how about a frittata?'

Their dessert:
Blackberry Sorbet with 
Wild Blueberry and Ginger Conserva
and Sesame Sugar Cookies.

My kids get popsicles.

Their bathroom.
No, I'm not showing you a picture of mine.
Some pictures are not for showing.

To the Chanticleer.
And a three-hour dinner with 
David's sister and her husband.
It was wonderful.

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