Wednesday, August 8, 2012

#420: Scorched Earth Landscaping

This was our meadow:
I mowed it this afternoon.
Apparently, from a bug's point of view,
mowing the lawn is a bit like Sherman's March to the Sea.

Whoa! What's that horrific noise?
The earth is shaking.

I thought we were safe in the middle
 of this huge meadow.

The mower is getting closer,
What's a pregnant bug to do?

 Oh Lord, save me!

Quick, get through the fence
into the garden.

Fly if you have to...

Easy for me.

Whatever you do, leave the milkweed alone.
I'm still a week or two from getting my wings.

The milkweed stands and I rescued a LOT of 
praying mantises, over a dozen.
The trick is to mow from the far side
bit by bit until you get to the garden.
I might just leave the meadow alone next summer.
It's too traumatic watching the bugs flee...

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