Wednesday, September 5, 2012

#428: Green Zebra Bruschetta

Green Zebras are zingy.
Not as sweet as red tomatoes but
much higher in umami.
These are ripe. 
You can tell by the yellowness at the stem end.
We took a loaf of Bartlett's own $4.75-a-loaf french bread,
cut it, drizzled evoo on it
(that's extra virgin olive oil for you non-chef types, like me)
and sliced the tomatoes right on top:
Then add brie or feta or extra sharp cheddar.
I like the synergy with Brie the best.
Those who appreciate subtlety can add mozzarella.
See the love?

Ready to broil.
Use low broil setting and watch it like a hawk.

 A locally grown watermelon completes the meal.
Do get one with seeds for after dinner spit-for-distance contests.
First taste.

Scary yummy.
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