Wednesday, September 19, 2012

#432: Nantucket County Fair

Finally, the Fair!
Every fall, just after school starts, Nantucket
has a tiny county fair.
Here's our livestock entries, 
only four hens this year (the others were molting)
including Bo Cho, the Best in Show hen.

Three little pigs (plus one)
were brought over for Sack-a-Pig.

The kids in the ring enjoyed chasing and catching,
but we felt sorry for the piglets.

On to flowers, nothing traumatic here.

Then to canned goods,
lots of entries this year,
is it possible Nantucket is losing her dependence
on the Stop and Shop?

First Prize, Pickles with Cauliflower.
Don't know who made these, it's anonymous judging.
As anonymous as one can get on an island.

The honey sellers let you try before you buy.

Fried clams, of course.

Ray Owen's giant pumpkin.
Usually there are a dozen or so.
Where are the rest of them???
The giant pumpkin weigh in is quintessential fair fare.
We really missed this!

This year, there was a guy with a chain saw,
making sculptures.
When asked why he does this he said:
"I just got so bored one winter."
I hear ya.

Carrot hugs.

The vegetable table.
David's not a judge but he's dressed for it.
Our sweet potato got an honorable mention.

A tiny fair by the sea,
where we reconnect with friends after
a frenzied summer.

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