Thursday, September 27, 2012

#435: Nantucket artisan

There are so many folk 
on this island who amaze me
with their creativity.
Here's one at the County Fair:
This is Casey Boukus, a woman
I know from homeschool group.
Neither of us are homeschooling at this point
but we've both been busy.

When my first-born was two I made her a
 Waldorf doll, homespun wool and everything.
It's a thrill to see Casey's still at it.
She also makes the prettiest upcycled clothes.
So feminine.
I've never set foot in 
an Aeropostale or Justice store
(although Justice does have a
 school uniform section, hmmm)
but I'd dress my teens in Casey's creations any day. 
Stop in her Etsy shop and see for yourself.
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