Tuesday, October 2, 2012

#437: Grey Lady counter stool

No it's not actually counter height.
This stool's purpose is to counter
the greyness of off-season.
No sharks to weigh,
no yachts in the harbor.
Kids are off at college
 and the house is too quiet.

So, I choose brighter neckties to weave:
One with little Nantuckets on it.

Others with flowers,
to make up for those no longer blooming...

Then crossweave with dark ties
to make the colors pop:
The weave pattern on this side makes diagonal stripes.

Flip the top over and you get vertical stripes.

I am a glutton for color in the off-season.
This little footstool is now at 
Nantucket Looms on Main Street.
I'm hoping it will sell to someone 
who also needs to counter
the grey.

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