Wednesday, October 3, 2012

#438: Family Scalloping

Off-season perk: family scalloping.
Time to drag out the rake from under the shed,
grab your dad's old clam basket with tire tube
(needing air, it's an old tube),
and head to the beach.

No bikinis in sight.
But warm enough to skip the waders
if you're so inclined.

David spent hours making this viewing box.
As it turns out, they were so thick
he didn't even need it.
Be sure to tie your basket to yourself
so it doesn't float away...

 Wives who don't scallop, wait and watch.
I counted 25 people raking,
I was told there were 50 earlier.

Shouted out on the way in:
'Hey there woman! Now I want me some
chowder and sex.'
(No, it wasn't David,
 and don't you start a rumor that it was)

The sea's bounty,
both beautiful and scrumptious.
Thank you, Lord. 

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