Wednesday, October 17, 2012

#441: Big Ocean, Little Boat

The Ruthie B dragger is 77 feet long.
That's big in my book.
She's a whole world in herself.
Tied up at the town dock.

The nets.

The net repair kit.

Looking down into the hold.
There's lots of ice and fish down there!

Also lobster.
An immensely popular item at our fish market.
Thanks, Captain Bill.

The dining room.
Note the condiments safely held in place.
The seas are not always smooth.

A door that can keep out the sea.

His t-shirt says 'Pain is good.'

Captain Bill Blount weighing up a catch.
Brant Point lighthouse is pretty but...

A well-worn box
and a bit of hand-repaired net
has a beauty that touches the soul.
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