Saturday, November 3, 2012

#447: 30 Days of Thanks

Thanks, Amber for the invitation.
The next 30 days will be daily posts
of thankfulness.
Click on the button
 if you'd like to join.

Living day to day it's so easy to get tangled up
in messy details of life.
I call it stress but I think it's really
a lack of, um, perspective.
So, I get up at 5 am and what do I see?
All last night's dishes waiting to be washed.

Oh, give thanks to the Lord,
for He is good,
HIs mercy endures forever.

I am thankful for my husband,
who worked until after 8 buying scallops,
for my daughter,
who cooked the fish and potatoes
(from our garden),
and made cream cheese brownies with coconut
and a graham cracker crust for dessert,
(I made the salad).

I am thankful for my family, our fellowship,
and the food we enjoyed together.

And now that I'm thinking thankfully,
I'm going to wash those dishes,
thinking of another blessing with each one.

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