Monday, November 12, 2012

#456: Scallop bounty

Day 10: 30 days of thanks
I am thankful for our bountiful harbor:
These baby seed scallops got blown ashore 
by the nor'easter.

They need to go back into the water.

So...the next day at 10 am, three hours before low tide
about 75 people, scallopers and other volunteers,
gathered up the scallops with shovels and rakes,
put them in boxes, loaded the boxes into pick-up trucks,
then loaded them onto waiting scallop boats which
ferried them out to deeper harbor water.

 The hope is that they'll mature into next year's crop.

I am so thankful for my husband's taking time
from his fish market to be a part of the effort.

It's a joy to live in a community that
joins together to save baby scallops.

Thanks to Coco Csaba Cseko for the 
scallop pictures.

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