Saturday, November 24, 2012

#462: Feverish thanks

30 days of thanks: Day 16 through 21

Day 16: I'm running a fever of 102.4,
the white spots in my throat makes me think strep.
I am thankful for my sweet kid making me some hot tea.

Day 17: Cranberry bogs!
We can harvest our own cranberries for Thanksgiving.
How cool is that?

Day 18: Um, septic tanks.
When the lid collapsed in, Visco Pumping came
the same day with a new one.

Day 19: Summer Street Church.
Not the building... the people.
I could write a whole book on what this
little church means to me.

Day 20: Remember the praying mantises 
fleeing my mower last summer?
They left egg masses all over the garden.
I am thankful for generous bugs.

Day 21: Sleep.
Healing sleep, I hope to be better
in the morning so I don't miss church.

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