Monday, December 10, 2012

#471: Moors End Christmas Trees

Two weeks before Christmas,
time for the annual Christmas tree hunt.
One year I got a chopped down Scotch Pine
from a construction site.
The kids called it the 'Charlie Brown' tree,
and made me promise we'd buy our tree henceforth.

So, Moors End Farm on Polpis Road:
Excellent trees from their friend in Vermont, 
we keep out tree up until Epiphany 
so we need one as recently cut as possible.

A perfect $65 tree that's too tall for our living room.

Here's a good one.
Noooo, it has a hole in the back.

Having looked at 30 trees,
the help is fading.

Just pick one already.
This is it. The perfect tree.
Can we go home now?

A tiny slice off the bottom and we're ready to go.
Our tree goes in a bucket of water until
next Sunday.
Shopping for the tree is enough 
family togetherness for one weekend.

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