Wednesday, December 12, 2012

#472: Year-round gardening

I am planting garlic in December.

I've only just finished harvesting this bed.
There was still enough kale for spring rolls and kale soup.

 Two heads of garlic, broken into cloves, 
planted 4" apart, in rows.
Supervised by the cat.

Proper mulching requires eelgrass.

David, Becky and I take no more than 1/3 of what's
high on the beach.
Have to leave the rest for the beach critters.
Older eelgrass has the salt already rinsed out by rain.

Still, plenty for our garden.

This looks like a lot but it will dry out and shrink,
so we'll need to add another layer.
The garlic will be free from frost heaves over the winter
as the composting eel grass revitalizes the soil.
The best thing about eelgrass?
No weeds!
Can't wait for the garlic to poke through in the spring.
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