Tuesday, December 18, 2012

#475: Playing with Zoklings

We interrupt the regular Nantucket oriented blog 
to bring you...Zoklings!
Olive and Oscar, 
just arrived from North Carolina.
Why are we here, mamma?

This is a laptop, honey.
Not like a lap, it's not for snuggling, 
it's for, here, I'll show you:

See? You type on the letters.
Hey! Let's check out back home.

Haha! Carl and Dwayne didn't sell yet.

What? What is that? AHHH.

No, No! Get it away from me.

Scat, cat! Leave my baby alone.

Actually, I kinda like being up high.
Betcha can't reach the top of this tie-tip tuffet.
Hehheh, tie-tip tuffet, tie-tip tuffet.


How about this necktie nursing rocker?
Come down from there, sweetie.
Did you know it's almost Christmas?
I want to show you something.

There's Baby Jesus.
I'm riding a cow!

Woohoo! Try to catch me up here!

Oh, hi, mom,

Do I have to come down, now?

Sorry. I'll try to calm down.

I love my mom.
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