Saturday, December 22, 2012

#478: It's not a dump

It's Nantucket's Environmental Park.
No more driving your pick-up truck to the edge
of the pit and pushing everything out the back.
Oh no, there's a place for everything
and everything in its place.
 So, if you're not the sort of person 
who recycles your neckties into tuffets,
Or you have an extra bit of t-shirt left from gift-wrapping,
Don't put it in the kitchen trash!
Cloth is a big no-no in household garbage.

It gets caught in the Digester.
It makes big fuzzy clumps
(think hairballs in cats),
which clogs up the machinery.
Cloth goes in the bulky bin.
In fact, I have an extra trash can in my studio
specifically designated 'fabric' so I won't get confused.

When the Digester is working we get lovely compost

And topsoil, free for the taking.

When it's not working we get a 
really stinky dump and huge repair bills.
So, please, toss your fabric bits and clothes that are
too ratty for the Take-it-or-Leave-it
into the Bulky Bin.
Both my nose and my wallet thank you.

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