Wednesday, December 26, 2012

#480: Island Critters

Today I am in a slough of despond.
Two of my kids left the island on tonight's ferry
because tomorrow's isn't expected to run.
When a storm's coming, you have to get off-island
before it hits.
So, to climb out of the slough,
I'm thanking Jesus for the 'others' who share my world.
My big helper who sets up folding chairs
every Sunday for Sunday school.

Our daily guest.
There's a bird feeder in that cherry tree.
The bluejays spill the cracked corn and the deer
comes by and eats it off the ground.

Scallops. Without scallops we would have to close
our fish market in the winter.
Thank you, Lord, for scallops.
Profitable and yummy.

Asha Ava. She is just so cute, isn't she?
Hedgehogs make me think God was laughing when 
He made them.

Golden retriever. This is a quintessential Nantucket dog.
We don't have one. I am too lazy to own a dog.

Chickens are no trouble.
We have 18, each with her own personality.
Anytime you need to de-stress,
just go in a henhouse at night and listen
 to the murmur of the hens.
I should make you a tape.

He is huge and warm and friendly.
When you pick him up, he always purrs.
A cat purring on my lap erases despondency every time.
Thank you, Lord, for cats.

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