Wednesday, August 29, 2012

#426: Soiree aboard the Pride of Baltimore ll

She's a topsail schooner, a replica of the
  1812 original.
My cousin, his wife, and I were eager to see her.
When we got there, a lady asked for our names,
so we gave them to her.
She checked her list, then wrote us in at the bottom.
Someone with a tray of drinks appeared as soon as we boarded.
Of course, we each took one.
Something fizzy with blood orange juice. Very nice.
Lush flower arrangements.
All the yachts in the harbor have flowers 
perfectly centered on their tables.
It dawned on us that we were at 
some kind of charity soiree.
Society party crashers, Tim and Jaime.

As we left, the name-lady insisted we each take 
a bag:
Sailor swag.

Farewell, Pride of Baltimore II,
it was lovely.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

#425: Something Natural, full swing

High summer at Something Natural:
Patiently waiting crowds,
Chatting in line.

Kids running to pick up their family's order.

Some families with dogs.

Others with adorable little ones.

 Kids on the boat.

Kids in the trees.

Bike on over.
Something Natural is our favorite lunch
(and early dinner) spot.

#424: Looking for God signs

This has been Vacation Bible School week.
I can't begin to describe the craziness and joy
of teaching children about Jesus.
we asked the kids to report 'God sightings'
throughout the week.
Here's one my grandson saw:
A monarch, ready to emerge.
There he is!
Wings expanding...
A Zinnia for his first meal.
Thank you, Lord,
that caterpillars turn into butterflies.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

#423: Sky and Sea

Island dwellers notice the sky.
If only because we need to know what's coming,
Calm seas reflecting cloudy skies:
Old pilings, perhaps from the whaling era,
gradually merge into the beach.

The Congregational Church tower lights up 
an otherwise stormy sky.

Even cobbles underfoot reflect the grey light,
edges softened by decades of drivers.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

#422: Summer Sushi

Summertime is perfect for a Sushi party.
Lots of company to help prepare, and consume.
Cousin Tim preps the shrimp for tempura.

 Jaime turns garden veggies into sushi slivers.

Rory dips garden veggies into beer batter.

David teaches Dylan how to make sashimi.

Nice job, Dylan.

Emily keeps the fish sushi separate from the veggie ones.

Emily's perfect roll,
done on cardboard,
no bamboo mat needed.

Tobias, Justine and Carol on the production line.
12 cups of rice!

It takes a village

to make sushi.

 The table is set.

The village gathers.
Give thanks to God for the generous sea and garden.
And dig in.

the Wasabi Challenge.

Monday, August 13, 2012

#421: Something's wrong in my Nantucket Garden

Something is wrong in the garden.
There aren't as many potatoes as last year.

 Here;s the culprit. Colorado potato beetles.

They eat the eggplant too.

We kept ahead of the squash bugs...

But this vine borer gutted a zucchini plant.

Vigilance is the price of vegetables.
If you're not going to poison,
you have to check for bugs and kill them daily.

It wasn't like this in the Garden of Eden,
and it won't be in the
Celestial City.
Come soon, Lord Jesus.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

#420: Scorched Earth Landscaping

This was our meadow:
I mowed it this afternoon.
Apparently, from a bug's point of view,
mowing the lawn is a bit like Sherman's March to the Sea.

Whoa! What's that horrific noise?
The earth is shaking.

I thought we were safe in the middle
 of this huge meadow.

The mower is getting closer,
What's a pregnant bug to do?

 Oh Lord, save me!

Quick, get through the fence
into the garden.

Fly if you have to...

Easy for me.

Whatever you do, leave the milkweed alone.
I'm still a week or two from getting my wings.

The milkweed stands and I rescued a LOT of 
praying mantises, over a dozen.
The trick is to mow from the far side
bit by bit until you get to the garden.
I might just leave the meadow alone next summer.
It's too traumatic watching the bugs flee...

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