Saturday, January 5, 2013

#485: First Egg

This is Houdini:
She's an Americana hen and an escape artist.
She prefers to lay her eggs under the shed and to sleep
in the spruce tree outside the kitchen window.
More than once I've had to send my son out to get her down
and put her in the henhouse.
Winters here are too cold for sleeping in trees.

This morning I got a surprise,
Houdini laid us an egg! 

Isn't it a beauty?

Here's the old speakers
we've been using for nesting boxes.
They've gotten a bit trashed, ya think?

So, for the New Year,
and in thankfulness for Houdini's first egg of the season,
I hereby resolve to replace the speakers
with this toy bin from the Take-it-or-Leave It.
It'll need a little work but our hens are worth it.
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