Thursday, January 17, 2013

#488: Visiting Nantucket in January

This is my brother:
His name is Tom.
He obviously loves me because he is visiting
in January.
No family member has ever visited me in January before.
He is sitting on a chopped down tree in the State Forest,
lamenting the loss of a beautiful, peaceful woods.

It's a disc golf course now.

So, what to do with a guest in January?
Take him to the dump.
Tris is helping Tom display his serendipitous find.
Marlin. Stuffed.
Who says you can't catch big game fish in January?

Put him to work.
Tom is repainting a chalkboard for me.
Nice fish, huh?
See the chunk missing on our table extension?
He fixed that too.

Take him to the cemetery.
It, unlike the Whaling Museum and Juice Bar,
stays open all winter.
Tom is pointing to the gravestone of a
Glidden's Island Seafood employee.
He didn't have his own plot so he's buried in ours.
No need to be family to be loved.

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