Thursday, February 7, 2013

#501: Nantucket's Hobbit Houses

OK, not really hobbit houses
but sooooo close.
They are the Summer House Cottages
in Sconset.
Lace curtains,
properly starched and ironed.

Rooster jail.
I have known some roosters who needed to be jailed.

Bath house, where's the soaking tub?

Table set for four.

Do come in, the gate is always open.

Nantucket's version of Bagshot Row.

Pan is not pleased.
This is not his kind of weather.

Roses aren't blooming,
the Gray Lady shows her true colors.
(click on the name to peek inside)

Ivy's still green.

And the door is rose...

Hang in there, spring will come.

The angel still blesses,
even in the snow.
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