Sunday, April 21, 2013

#524: All Messed Up

Spring Vacation.
Patriots' Day.
Running the Boston Marathon.
Oh, he's run marathons before--
Hyannis, New York, Niagara Falls, Dublin,
but never Boston, never the iconic race.
 A dream about to be fulfilled.

Trying on the jacket so he knows what size to order
when he finishes.

Dinner out with the wife and kids,
a good night's sleep at a friend's house then

a cab ride to the bus that will take him to Hopkinton.

We waited in the family waiting area, 
a block over from the finish line.
Heard the explosions, stunned into silence.

Triumph turned to sorrow and grief.

He was still a half mile out when they told him the race was over.
So he hiked in, found us, hugs all around.
We walked to South Station and caught the train
to Washington.
The sun sets out the train window
on a sadder world.
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