Saturday, April 27, 2013

#526: Chickie Goes to Washington

We always meant to take our kids to Washington.
I mean, how could we call ourselves a homeschooling family
if we never took the kids to Washington?
How could we neglect the cultural and political center of our nation?
This spring we realized there were only two of the six kids
still in school so we'd better act soon.
We took Chickie with us, to narrate the experience:

First, of course, there's reading material.
Travel from Nantucket to Washington involves a ferry, 
a bus, a train and a taxi.
A One Direction fanzine should do.

Then there's snacks.
Gliddens always travel with GORP.
Note the low number of M&Ms already.
This trip, we kept re-adding M&Ms.

Here we are! Big City, little Chickie.

Why is this turtle spitting water?

Oooh, the Library of Congress.
I could live here.
Sadly, we couldn't go into the Reading Room as Carol
is not yet sixteen.

People who run Marathons should not then hike 
all over Washington.

Biking is better.

Military cemeteries are so sad. 

Curious seal, and child.
The pandas were also appreciated.
They think the female one is pregnant.

Eating out one meal a day.
And somebody else does the dishes!

We saw Julia child's kitchen and Dorothy's ruby slippers.

The White House wasn't open when we biked past.

Nor the Washintgon Memorial.
All the flags were half-mast in solidarity with Boston.

Neckties were everywhere.
You know how much I like neckties.
We even saw five, yes, five, bowties.

We did so much more, but this Chickie's tired
and headed home.
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