Wednesday, May 8, 2013

#528: Chicken Spring

It's a grey day today but still Spring with a capital S.
Here's some joy of spring, from above:
Yellow tulip, safe from the deer
due to extensive 6' fencing.

First egg, from one of the Americanas.
The first egg of any hen is cause for celebration.

Chicken run--they've been scratching in the grape arbor
all winter but now I need to plant popcorn there.

So we built them a run to their new yard.

It took a while for them to figure it out.
Our chickens are sweet, timid and not very bright.

Becky's Bantam's are a bit feistier.
And super cute.

They love the feeder she made them
 from a piece of bamboo.
I love hearing them peep all day, and night.

So much about Spring is delightful,
even on grey days.

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